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Covid-19 Crisis: Lockdown – List of restrictions announced – Taoiseach Quotes Terminator 2

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar quoted T2’s famous “No Fate” concept as he has announced a Lockdown as of midnight tonight until Easter Sunday, a two week period. Everyone must stay at home except in specific circumstances.

All non essential businesses will close and people will be restricted to 2km from their homes. A list of “essential” business types will be supplied shortly.

Exceptions to travel ban

  • Travel for work where the work is an essential health, social care or other essential service and cannot be done from home.
  • Shopping for food or household goods (normal shopping)
  • Collecting a pre-ordered meal
  • Going to medical appointments or collect medicines and other health products from a pharmacy or similar.
  • For vital family reasons, such as providing care to children, elderly or vulnerable people
  • For personal exercise.
    • Should be brief
    • Within 2km of your own home
    • Can include children from your own household as long as you adhere to two-metre physical distancing
  • Farming activities related to food production and care of animals

New Restrictions

  • Gatherings of any number of people outside a single household are banned.
    • Virus may be in your household unbeknownst to you, please don’t spread it to someone else
    • Includes social family visits that are not for vital reasons
  • A further range of non-essential shops and services will be closed. The guidance given earlier this week in respect of retail outlets will be revised to reflect this
  • Local community centres and adult education centres to shut
  • All non-essential surgery and health procedures and any other non-essential health services will be postponed
  • Visits to hospitals, residential healthcare settings and prisons are to cease, with specific exceptions on compassionate grounds
  • Shielding or cocooning will be introduced for all those 70 years of age and specified categories of people who are extremely vulnerable to Covid-19
  • Travel to our offshore islands will be limited to residents of those islands
  • Pharmacists will be permitted to dispense medicines outside of the current period of validity with an existing prescription in line with the pharmacists clinical judgement
  • Public transport will be closed to most people and available only to essential workers and people providing essential services
  • Outside of reasons listed there is to be no travel outside a 2km radius of your home for any reason

See full RTE News Item below: “No fate” quote is around 17:40

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