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International Chess on our Doorstep: Bunratty Chess Festival Wraps up with Grand Master Nigel Short Taking Top Spot

Chess isn’t always something we think of when we thing of this area of South Clare. And certainly most people aren’t aware that an extremely popular chess festival has been running for nearly 27 years under our noses in Bunratty. Held at the Bunratty Castle Hotel.

It wrapped up just last week running from 21st to 23rd of February and, according to The Irish Chess Union , a record number of entries participated in the four sections. 356 players were vying for 4 titles, 129 in the minor event, 83 in the Major, 94 in the Challengers and 52 in the top event, the Bunratty Masters.

This year’s Masters event had 8 Grandmasters, 7 International Masters and 6 FIDE Masters among it’s 52 participants, including 2 former World Championship candidates, Nigel Short and Vlastimil Hort.

This writer won’t pretend that he understands the nuances of the chess world, but for those that do here is an excellent review of the event on the Irish Chess Union wesbite 

Unfortunately, if Chess is your interest, you have missed out on this years event. But as you would imagine these chess guys think well ahead. The dates for 2021 and 2022 are already on the tournament website here.

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