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Local Woman Seeks Assistance in Locating Lost Items

A local woman has reported the loss of her daughter’s passport and her own work ID badge in the vicinity of the Sixmilbridge Library and the surrounding church area. In hopes of recovering these valuable documents, she has reached out to the community and kindly requested the assistance of anyone who may have found them or knows of their whereabouts.

The woman is deeply concerned about the loss of her daughter’s passport, a crucial identification document for travel and other important purposes. Additionally, misplacing her work ID badge poses a significant inconvenience in carrying out her professional responsibilities.

If you have found the missing passport and ID badge or have any information regarding their possible location, the woman kindly requests that you contact her directly. Her contact number is 0873924344. Any information provided will be greatly appreciated and will help bring relief to her and her family.

Losing such essential documents can be distressing, causing considerable inconvenience and potential complications in various aspects of life. If you have any information please contact her.

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