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“PURCHASE A PATCH” launched by Bridge United

Bridge United are launching a ‘Purchase A Patch’ campaign this week. The venture proposes to purchase your very own virtual patch of the Club’s AstroTurf and become a Lifetime Patron of Bridge United.

The fast growing club are now the largest schoolboys/girls club in Clare and these developments are well timed to serve the increasing membership which has grown with the population of the town, now the third largest in Clare.

Patron’s who decide to partake in the project will have their name, a family name or business name, or a memorial, according to their preference, etched into a decorative plaque, that will be erected in the Clubhouse. The project is limited however with 200 Patches for sale at a cost of €100 each. In addition Patrons will be entered in to a one off Patron’s Draw for a cash prize of €1,000.

Click here to Purchase YOUR Patch >>


We spoke to Club PRO Eoghan McNulty about the initiative, the new Astroturf itself and all the developments already completed and in the pipeline for the future.

Purchase a Patch is a fantastic initiative to allow local people and organisations participate in the club. Where did the idea come from?

The idea stemmed from the committee wanting to acknowledge the local people and businesses that helped us build the grounds from the bottom up, to what they are now, with their generous support. We are under no illusions that we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now without them and their contribution.

The new All Weather pitch was opened this year and seems to have been a big success. What has the reception been among players, parents and coaches?

It’s fair to say the reception we’ve had across the board, parents, players, coaches etc. has been hugely positive. It’s no secret that the extra space was badly needed and has taken the strain off the training pitch. From a practical point of view its brilliant for the underage players to practice their skills on such a pristine surface.

The whole place has changed. Can you list all the changes and improvements in the last few years?

The first initial phase 1 development was in 2017 when we decided that the current facility was no longer fit for purpose. We built a state of the art clubhouse, we re-laid the pitch and added extra drainage, we added a huge amount of fencing and pathways around the boundary, we cleared all the foliage and cleaned up the entire site, the training pitch was brought up 2 metres to become flush with the main pitch, there’s a 70m running track behind our newly fitted dugouts, we’ve also added a viewing area for supporters adjacent to the clubhouse, along with the construction of the AstroTurf pitch itself, so it’s fair to say we’ve come along way.

What’s next in the development plan?

The next stage of the development is the installation of floodlights to the main pitch and further lighting to the training pitch to allow us even more use over the longer darker winter evenings.

It’s clear enough that the plans of the last number of years are coming to fruition and the club continues to develop at a rapid pace. This initiative seems likely to be a significant step along the line.

If you would like to “Purchase YOUR Patch” you can do so at the following link.

If you would like to know more about Bridge United then please go to the Bridge United website at

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